Recently, much speculation has surrounded Apple’s yet-to-be-released iPhone 15. New Apple flagship iPhones are expected to have fast charging capabilities. An upgrade to Apple’s battery technology may result in the iPhone 15 featuring stacked batteries. By stacking the batteries, the iPhone 15 should have a longer battery life and be able to charge at 40W.

The iPhone 14 currently has a maximum charging speed of 30W, so a jump to 40W is quite significant. According to @RGcloudS on Twitter, the iPhone 15 could be able to charge up to 20W via MagSafe with a wired increase to 40W. Some speculations, however, suggest that the new tech may berth with the iPhone 16, not the iPhone 15. Additionally, Apple’s switch to USB-C may have boosted the charging speed for the next-generation iPhones.

There are, however, several other reasons for a possible speed bump for the iPhone 15. Due to the stacked battery pack, Apple may have managed to avoid the overheating risk under such a scenario. In terms of charging speeds over 100W, 40W charging still lags far behind the gold standard.

It is expected that the iPhone 15 will be announced in September 2023. There will be more speculation about the iPhone 15 as its release date approaches.