The OnePlus 11 will be launched in India on February 7th after being launched in China earlier this month. Aside from the flagship unveiling, OnePlus is also working on a keyboard. In addition to the flagship, 91mobiles has learned exclusively from a reputed tipster that the OnePlus Keyboard will be launched on February 7th as well. A new image shows a close-up of the design. There is a mechanical design to the keyboard.

On the OnePlus website, there is a dedicated microsite that confirms the product is currently in the testing phase, with the launch in February and mass production in March. In addition to India, there is a possibility that OnePlus will release the keyboard globally.

With a white color design, the OnePlus Keyboard will evoke old nostalgia. In addition to the Function, backspace, Del, page up, and page down keys, we can also see a red-colored button, which could be the power key. According to the OnePlus website, the keyboard will have a “Double gasket-mounted design” and a “custom-made layout and profile.”.

The company claims the gasket design provides a precise yet softer actuation that is accompanied by a satisfying sound. Even though the keyboard is not silent, it is said to be “dampened while maintaining a superior typing experience.”

Both Mac and Windows are supported by the OnePlus keyboard. Hence, it’s an effortless all-in-one solution for all keyboard needs, compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems. In addition to hot-swappable switches and flexible, open-source firmware, the keyboard offers advanced, customizable features. Changing switches is quick and smooth thanks to the hot-swappable feature. There is also RGB lighting on the keyboard.