We have seen a lot of leaks related to Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S23 series flagship smartphones in the past few months. A new report suggests that Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series smartphones could be delayed by a few weeks as release day approaches.

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 lineup has been delayed and is now expected to arrive in mid-to-late February, according to tipster @TheGalox_, primarily due to the South Korean giant’s inability to determine the final pricing structure for the products.

Premium smartphones like the Galaxy S23 series rely heavily on their pricing structure for success in the market. Samsung may need more time to understand the market correctly in terms of competition, economy, supply and demand, and other factors.

Despite the reported delay, it isn’t much considering the report indicates around two weeks. Galaxy S22 was introduced on 9th February and went on sale on 25th February. It was expected that the S23 lineup would go on sale from the 17th of February this year.

Galaxy S23 series smartphones are expected to include three models – Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra. Samsung has yet to confirm the launch date