Introducing the Noise IntelliBuds TWS earphones in India. Bragi, a German company, is said to have developed them. There is a unique feature on the audio device that changes the way users interact with it. Additionally, IntelliBuds are the first TWS earphones to offer a hands-free experience.

There is an in-ear design for the Noise IntelliBuds TWS earphones with angled silicone ear tips and a small stem. India’s first gesture-control earbuds. Touch control and smart gestures can be customized by users. Artificial intelligence neural networks enable earbuds to distinguish between intentional and unintentional head movements.

Noise IntelliBuds TWS earphones feature smart gesture controls that allow users to change songs or reject calls by shaking their heads. By nodding, you can answer incoming calls. The volume level can also be changed by moving the head up or down. Gestures can be used while standing, climbing stairs, sitting, running, and more. You can also use the Hot Voice commands on the TWS earphones to perform tasks by saying “Hey Headphones.”. You can also take selfies using the audio device.

With Noise IntelliBuds TWS earphones, you can filter out unwanted background noise while on the phone. EQ can be customized to meet a variety of needs. Users can connect two earbuds to the TWS earphones without connecting to the same main device, thanks to a Music Sharing feature. On a single charge, IntelliBuds are claimed to deliver 36 hours of usage from a 600mAh battery. Playback time is said to be 9 hours after a 30-minute charge.

In White and Black colors, the Noise IntelliBuds TWS earphones are priced at Rs 4,999. Starting October 14th, the brand’s official website will sell the audio device.