The source code of the Google Pixel 7 series has been leaked, leading to speculation that the search giant is working on a small-screen flagship smartphone. In the past, a popular Chinese tipster also hinted at a smaller Pixel. Several details about the rumored Pixel Fold can also be found in the codebase.

Kuba Wojciechowski unearthed two upcoming Pixel 7 devices codenamed “Felix” and “Lynx” in the latest Pixel 7 source code. “Felix” is reportedly the long-rumored Pixel Fold, and “Lynx” is said to be the codename of a third Pixel device, possibly the alleged Pixel 7 Ultra or Pixel 7 Mini. It is still unknown what the devices will be called.

According to the code, “Lynx” will have Sony’s IMX712 sensors for its ultra-wide-angle camera and selfie snapper. Qualcomm’s WCN6740 WiFi/BT chip will replace the BCM4389 used on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7.

Moreover, “Lynx” will have the same display panel used on Pixel 6, Pixel 7, and Pixel 6a models. This device has a 1080p display, instead of a 2K display as indicated in early rumors. The Pixel 7 Ultra is unlikely to use a display that is worse than the Pixel 7 Pro. Hence, “Lynx” is probably the Pixel 7 Mini.

There are still very few details about the rumored Pixel 7 Mini. It is not even clear whether the device is in development. It is also possible that “Lynx” is the Pixel 7a that is more affordable