Google has already announced that it will launch a new Pixel Tablet next year. In addition to this tablet, a higher-end Pro variant is also in the works.

As reported by 9To5Google, evidence of the tablet was found in the latest Android 13 code. The code references a “tangorpro,” which is believed to be the Pixel Tablet Pro. Since the Pixel Tablet is codenamed “tangor,” this means that a higher-end variant is also in the works.
Currently, no finer details are available regarding the Pixel Tablet Pro. However, it appears that the Pro variant will have a different rear camera sensor than the Pixel Tablet. The Pixel Tablet is confirmed to arrive soon, and it will run on the same proprietary Tensor chipsets that power Google’s Pixel 6 smartphones.
A stylus is also believed to be supported by the Pixel Tablet, but it’s unclear if it comes with it. It has also been hinted that this tablet is an affordable one with decent specifications in other Android codes. It is likely that Google would include more upgrades in the Pixel Tablet Pro than the vanilla tablet model, if that is the case.