A few images of a new Chromecast device with the same design as the current Chromecast with Google TV have surfaced recently. This model supports 4K HDR output and was launched nearly three years ago. Chromecast’s new model may only support 1080p resolution, but it will still be controlled by the same Google Assistant remote.
According to SnoopyTech on Twitter, the “Chromecast with Google TV (HD)” will cost $40 (Rs.3,200/-) and is already available at American retailers. Despite the timing, we wonder if the new Chromecast will launch before Google’s October 6 event.
WinFuture provided promotional images of the Chromecast with Google TV (HD). There are also several lifestyle images, which confirm the design is identical to the current Chromecast with Google TV.
An image of the contents of the package can be seen below. As part of the new Chromecast, you should receive a USB-C to A cable, a USB-A power adapter, a Bluetooth voice remote, and generic AA batteries.
The new Chromecast looks identical to another model, so we wonder if Google plans to replace it. It is possible that Google will change its Chromecast strategy and offer a $40 entry-level model, followed by a more powerful one with higher price points and more features. Do not take these speculations too seriously. It is possible that Google plans to retire Chromecast in 2020 with Google TV.
Google will announce the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro on October 6, as well as a new Pixel Watch, and we might see some Nest Home hardware and Chromecast with Google TV.