Apple is reportedly working on a new iPhone 15 Ultra model that will replace the Pro Max model next year. In spite of the fact that the phone is scheduled to be released after a year, leaks about it have begun appearing online.
Apple iPhone 15 Ultra will have two front-facing cameras, making it the only device in the lineup with two front cameras. There will be only one front-facing camera sensor on the Pro model.
We don’t yet know how the second front-facing camera sensor will work. This could be used for stereoscopic video capture, or for different optical zoom levels.
Furthermore, the iPhone 15 Ultra will start with 256GB of internal storage, unlike the iPhone 15 Pro, which will start with 128GB. It is expected that next year’s iPhone models will feature USB-C ports.
According to the report, the iPhone 15 Ultra will feature a new design, but it is not clear whether the new design will apply to the entire lineup. Dynamic Island will be available on all iPhone 15 models, according to recent reports.