In January or February, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S23 devices, which are the next high-end smartphones the Korean conglomerate will unveil. According to a new rumor, the Galaxy S23 series will include an Ultra model with Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic Max fingerprint scanner.
The sensor is not new, however. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will come with a faster fingerprint reader and a larger scanning area than the iQOO 9 Pro and vivo X80 Pro. Both the vivo X80 Pro and iQOO 9 Pro have impressive fingerprint scanners that are quite accurate and fast.
However, it’s unclear whether Samsung will use this new fingerprint scanner on all Galaxy S23 smartphones or only the Galaxy S23 Ultra. In the coming months, we’ll hopefully find out.
Today, yet another report seems to “confirm” Samsung’s plans to equip the Galaxy S23 Ultra with a 200 MP camera.
In its next generation of flagship devices, Samsung will use a 200 MP camera, according to sources in its home country of Korea. Two years ago, the Galaxy S20 Ultra launched with a 108 MP resolution, which will be three years old by the time the Galaxy S23 arrives.
According to rumors, Samsung will also match Xiaomi’s 12T Pro and Motorola’s X30 Pro, which were unveiled earlier this month. It is possible that Samsung will use a new sensor for its own device, and not one of the ones it sells to its competitors.