We are getting closer to the launch of the Apple iPhone 14 series. A new iPhone 14 Max will be released in 2022, followed by a new iPhone 14 Pro, and a top-end iPhone 14 Pro Max. Hands-on impressions of the iPhone 14 Pro series have been leaked prior to the official announcement.

This leak comes from LeaksApplePro, which has been known to provide tips about upcoming products from the Cupertino company. Apparently, a source close to the matter got some hands-on time with a working iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The person then discussed his experience with the two high-end models. Based on the source’s account, the pill-shaped cutout on the front serves nearly the same purpose as the large notch it replaced.

Eventually, the person added, you will not notice the design after some time because you will get used to it. According to the source, display quality is also unchanged over the previous generation iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, despite rumors of newer models featuring Samsung’s latest M12 generation OLED technology. The tipster’s source claimed that holding the iPhone 14 Pro Max feels like holding a brick.

Furthermore, the person discussed the camera systems of the two upcoming phones. As of now, Apple’s iPhone series has a 12MP primary camera on the rear. Newer models, however, will feature a 48MP resolution. Although higher resolution means smaller pixels, some people feared it was a trade-off. These concerns are confirmed by the hands-on impressions. According to the source, the 48MP sensor works great, but only under the right lighting conditions. Until this report is confirmed, keep this news in perspective and stay tuned for more.