Apple is back with its next much-awaited iPhone iteration with the new iPhone 14 series later this year. Previously we saw various leaks about Apple introducing some major changes in terms of display for the iPhone 14 Pro series. We even got the alleged images showing the first look of the device. Now a new report has popped up which reveals the major shocking news about the iPhone 14 series.

Previously we saw various reports about Apple’s plans to raise the price of the new iPhone 14 series. The new report confirms the previous leaks and reveals that Apple will surely hike the prices of the iPhone 14 series this year. For the past few years, Apple has not hiked the prices of the iPhones.

After almost three years Apple is considering hiking the prices with the new iPhone 14 series. As per the report, Apple is planning to hike almost $100 for the upcoming iPhone 14 series. It is likely that there are several reasons for the price hike if this information is accurate. Raw material prices are on the rise, supply constraints exist, and there are other economic factors as well. Due to the discontinuation of the iPhone mini in favor of the iPhone 14 Max, the base model of the iPhone 14 may be available for 899 US Dollars.

There is still uncertainty about whether this price hike is confirmed or not, and Apple may have other plans. According to CCS Insight’s Ben Wood, rising production and component costs could be responsible for the price hike, but the brand may not increase prices by such a large margin.