Snapdragon 8150

Looks like we got an early leak revealing the details of the next year flagship chipset SD875 SoC. Previously we got rumours about the SD875 SoC will come with 5nm based process with much better power efficiency than the SD865. Now we have got some new leaks revealing some more details about the SD875 SoC.

As per the source, the popular tipster reveals that SD875 SoC will also get the overclocked version with SD875+ SoC. The SD875+ SoC will be launching sometime in Q2 2020 and will be powering some of the major gaming smartphones. Further, the SD875 SoC will also arrive with first 100W fast charging support.

The 100W fast charging is currently tested by Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and even Lenovo. The source has confirmed the 100W fast charging feature to make debut with SD875+ SoC. Further, Qualcomm has also increased the price of the new flagship SD875 SoC further this year.

Yes, the source revealed that SD875 SoC will cost a whopping $100 costlier than SD865 SoC. Yes, SD865 SoC came with a price tag of $250 but the successor will make brands pay more with $250 (Rs.19,000/-) next year. With $250 just for the chipset might make the flagship devices in 2021 lot more premium than expected. So be prepared to pay a huge premium for the 2021 flagship even for brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus and other Chinese manufacturers.