Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

With COVID-19 outbreak worldwide we are unable to conduct large events which were used to happen in the past for any of the big flagship launches. With various brands moving the exclusive launch event to online-only we now have one more brand joining them with Samsung.

As per new reports, Samsung has officially finalised the way for launching the new Galaxy Note 20 series. Yes, Samsung will announce the new Galaxy Note 20 series through just pres-release on its website and not launch event will be conducted this year. This might be the first-ever flagship launching only through the press release without any proper launch event.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Previous reports suggested that Samsung is considering to announce the Galaxy Note 20 series by sometime in August this year. We also had rumours about Samsung might even launch the Galaxy Fold 2 alongside with Galaxy Note 20 series.

The press release launch was made only for tablets and budget devices from Samsung and this is the first time any flagship device getting that kind of launch. Anyway, the official launch details are yet to arrive in the coming weeks will know more about this soon. Stay Tuned for the latest updates of the new Galaxy Note 20 series.



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