Daily Suvichar

At a time when top news stories from around the world are all about distress and panic, “Daily Suvichar” is fervently spreading optimism among the masses with everyday inspirational thoughts.

“Daily Suvichar” is the brainchild of Planting Root Technology, a Gurgaon based Technology company. it had been created with the aim of bringing positivity into people’s lives, within the sort of motivational thoughts in Hindi, through different social media platforms. Since its inception, “Daily Suvichar” has positively impacted the lives of thousands across the country and is constant to realize immense popularity.

Delighted with its growing status and therefore the acclaims it’s been receiving, the founding father of Planting Root Technology, Mr. Aayush Poddar says, “We designed ‘Daily Suvichar’ with an intention of creating people feel happy and motivated, and we’re sure that it’ll extensively fulfill its purpose. Since social media platforms are best ” the simplest and most effective thanks to directly connect with people, this was naturally our first approach, and that we launched the Daily Suvichar Facebook page.”

Daily Suvichar

“We believe that we will build an unparalleled reference to people in their language, due to which all our content in Hindi. Therefore, we had no problems in reaching bent people, but we were amazed to ascertain that during a short period of your time, 700,000 users became regular readers of Daily Suvichar! Our community comprises both men and ladies, including several young readers too.”

“Daily Suvichar” is extremely well-received and its subscribers are filled with appreciations. A homemaker says, “When we read something optimistic the primary thing within the morning, we feature an equivalent perspective during the day, and ‘Daily Suvichar’ is providing exactly that on behalf of me .” On the opposite hand, a working professional says, “Working from home, I often face immense pressure juggling office workload and household responsibilities. ‘Daily Suvichar’ gives me a pleasing break and helps me shift my specialization in the great things in life.”

One can download the app on your Android phone through Google Play Store