Microsoft Surface Duo

Earlier we saw Microsoft announcing two new foldable devices with Surface Duo and Surface Neo in which the Duo runs on Android OS whereas the other with Windows 10X which is probably made for tablet devices. Now we finally got few details revealed for the upcoming Windows 10X.

Windows 10X

Looks like Microsoft is going to launch many devices later next year with their new Windows 10X which is probably made for devices featuring a touchscreen and a larger display. But the new leaks reveal that it will not be limited just to foldable or hybrid devices it will also support future laptops.

Windows 10X Windows 10X

As per the reports by WalkingCat, the new Windows 10X will soon arrive for laptops and will not be restricted just to tablets. The leaked screenshot suggests that there are different levers which will offer a more traditional experience which is located to the bottom left corner of the device. it will also get some new icons with the same features as current-gen of Windows but will be more customised for foldable and hybrid devices which features laptop mode.

Windows 10X

Further, the new Windows 10X will get some changes in the start menu with its new UI called Launcher. One can search the results on the internet directly from the HomeScreen. Further, the Windows 10X will also offer Facial recognition tech with Window’s Hello Face Platform. Windows 10X will also get all-new File Explorer called Modern File Explorer which will also be optimised for touch devices.  It also comes with a quick settings panel and notification centre.