Google Pixel 4

Earlier we saw Google confirming the alleged first look of the upcoming flagship Google Pixel 4 series. Now XDA developer has found a few codes which reveal the key features of the upcoming Google Pixel 4.

As per the source, they have found some interesting codes on Google Camera app running on Android Q which probably reveals the camera and other details for the new Google Pixel 4. The new Google camera app reveals that Google Pixel 4 will indeed come with Dual camera setup and one of it will be a telephoto lens.

Google Pixel 4

As per the source, the Google Camera app has mentioned the codename as SABRE which is Google’s internal code-name for Super Res Zoom. Further, the app also leaked the list of the sensor with front IR, regular and wide sensor and rear regular and telephoto sensor. Further, it also mentions the rear-logical sensor which is termed only if the device has more than one sensor.

The mention of IR sensor we can expect the device might come with iPhone like Facial recognition. Further, this we could finally have Google Pixel 4 with more the 4G RAM which will make the jump to 6GB.