Logo Maker

Many online services can be used to create logos, offering free ready-made templates that the user can customize. You can also use a variety of programs, such as image or text editors, to create a logo that represents your business. The logo is a visual signal that identifies a brand. It helps form a visual identity, so the customer recognizes the service. Check out the following 6 free online logos platforms for your computer.

  1. DesignEvo


DesignEvo is an online logo design solution for novice to make a logo for their brands. It allows you to create logos based on a wide range of premade almost 10,000 templates or to use a set of tools and a large stock of designing element resource to create them from scratch.

Actually, unlike some other logo generators which generate some logo templates with your company name and them for you to choose and edit, most of the element among the DesignEvo’s templates are able for users to customize. There it would give the user higher participation.

It supports to download logos in DesignEvo for free. However, there are certain restrictions on the logos you can download without paying anything.

  1. Logaster

Logaster is an online platform for creating and editing logos quickly and conveniently. Accessible by any browser and without requiring registration of a user account, the tool limits the free download logo in low-resolution.


It creates a sequence of random logos according to some options and selections of visual user patterns.

Each logo created is shown on sample cards and office supplies, along with the model’s colour standards. The tool also provides an image editor to match details of the logo symbol and font. However, the registered user will only be entitled to a logo without watermark and must pay a plan to have access to more options.

  1. Canva

Canva is a presentation editor that offers dozens of template logos to customize, separated by various professional categories. The best of best, it is compatible with any browser.

The online platform requires the rapid registration of an email account, limiting some more delicate templates to subscribing users. However, most editing templates and features are free.


Canva has simple and intuitive commands, with several customization options. Likewise, the tool allows you to share projects or download them in PDF, JPG or PNG formats.

  1. FreeLogoDesign

FreeLogoDesign is an online logo editor with a template creation wizard. With dozens of categories and numerous customization options, the tool lets the user free to customize every detail of their logos. The platform boasts features like changing colours, adding shapes, modifying fonts, and including shapes or icons.

5. Looka

It does not require user registration but has big limitations in the free version. The service allows you to download only images in PNG, with watermark and 200 X 200 pixels. There are two plans paid to download logos:  watermark-free and with limitations of pixels and formats or with high resolution and dozens of format options to download.

  1. Looka (Formerly LogoJoy )

Looka is an online platform for creating and editing logos. Through an AI wizard, the tool presents a selection with several logos with features, colours and layouts according to predefined preferences.


In four steps, the user can determine the category of the logo, choose the designs, and select up to five logo templates and the colours of the image. The tool then displays unlimited samples with combinations of the choices made, allowing you to customize each detail of the examples presented.

  1. DesignMantic

DesignMantic is one of the quickest logo creators on the market. Simply enter the name and industry of your business and click on the button to display hundreds of appropriate logos. Then just feel free to go through all these logos to find the one you prefer. Then you can customize the colours, fonts and position of the elements.

Final thought

These kinds of platforms are really ready to use, though they might not reliable as the professional designers or design agency. That said, they would be quite helpful for who are zero designing experience and limited budget still want to try to DIY a logo for business. Please feel comment on what you thought on these online logo makers.