GTA 6, shrouded in secrecy, continues to face leaks. According to an anonymous source claiming to be a former Rockstar office cleaner, the game will have a vast map and be released in September 2025.

According to a leak posted on a gaming subreddit, the cleaner observed glimpses of the game during a six-month stint at Rockstar.

It’s interesting to see a final frame, possibly from a trailer or advert, that has the GTA logo and “September 2025” under it – possibly hinting at the release date. A “huge” map with multiple city clusters was also seen by the cleaner, who claimed:

I saw the map briefly as I walked past one of the devs, and it looked like there were 2-3 big clusters of roads, I assume they were cities or towns.

In addition, a developer overheard one express relief over Bryan Zampella’s absence, who had been rumored for a lead role.

There are, however, a few details shared by the alleged cleaner that raise eyebrows. The cleaner’s use of “liquor” instead of “alcohol,” a common American term in a UK context, raises some questions. Furthermore, it’s difficult to believe the cleaner didn’t sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) considering the game’s secrecy and Rockstar’s reputation for protecting its products.

According to the subreddit moderators, they received proof of the cleaner’s employment, but its validity remains uncertain. The cleaner may be genuine, but unknowingly violated an NDA, which could lead to legal action. Perhaps they made it all up to get attention online. As a result, we believe it’s better to remain cautious.