Earlier we saw Qualcomm launching the new Qualcomm SD850 SoC specifically for Windows PC and laptops which is priced relatively high. Now Qualcomm wants to make a cheaper alternative so that it reaches the masses in coming weeks.

Snapdragon 8150


As per the source, Qualcomm is now planning to launch cheaper chipset for Windows 2 in 1 device which would be priced as low as $300 (Rs.21,000/-). The news was revealed by none other than VP of Qualcomm Global Product marketing Mr.Don McGuire. As per the source, the new chipset will come under the 700 series with SD 7cx.

According to Don McGuire, the new chipset will bring cheaper Snapdragon-based Windows and Chrome devices in the market in the coming months which will be cost anywhere in between $300-$800. Further, Don McGuire said that there is a need to increase the market share for Windows 10 on ARM PCs to inspire developers interest.