Earlier we had few rumours about Huawei working on its own OS called the Hongmeng OS or the Ark OS after the US forced Google to ban the company from future Android OS updates. Now we have a new report which claims that Huawei owns OS will not be called as Ark OS anymore.

Huawei P30 Lite

As per Global Times, the new Huawei OS will now be called as Oak OS instead of Ark OS which was trademarked earlier by the company. Huawei will brand the OS as Hongmeng OS in China but globally it will be known as Oak OS. Further, the report states that Huawei is testing the alleged Oak OS and might launch anytime soon.

Global Time report confirms that Huawei will announce the new Oak OS by end of Aug or beginning of Sept which is the deadline of 90 days US temporary ban on Huawei. Anyway, Google has also warned the US Government about Huawei ban will have a huge effect on its Android ecosystem. Further, Google quotes that there focus is on protecting the security of 90 million Huawei users running on Google Android OS.