Earlier we had few features and other discussion going on along with the Mi Fans for the upcoming MIUI 11. As fans are still waiting for the new MIUI 11 update we have some official news coming in from Xiaomi China. Anyway, many of the Xiaomi users are still annoyed with a huge number of ads on the MIUI.


Now Xiaomi China has promised to reduce the number of ads placed in the UI with the upcoming MIUI 11. As per the post by MIUI experience general manager, the upcoming MIUI 11 will come with fewer ads this time and is expected to hit your device in the next three months.

Further, Xiaomi has also promised to remove some vulgar content that has been shown in its MIUI with the latest update. Xiaomi will also add a tool to regulate the ads and their content. Sadly, there is still no specific timeline for the MIUI 11 update.