Earlier we saw Huawei been banned by US Government over the security and data breach which happened last year. Later we saw Trump considering to blacklist Huawei in the US which gave it a major blow to its business. Now we have another major blow to Huawei users and the company as Google will also suspend its support some of its business with Huawei.


As per the source, Google is currently decided to suspend business with Huawei for transfer of hardware, software and technical services apart from Open Source licensing. So this means that Google will no longer provide future Android OS updates nor future Huawei devices will get Google exclusive apps like Gmail, YouTube and even the Google Play Store.

This comes to a major blow to Huawei as every other OEM is dependent on Google for its apps and other security updates. Huawei will no longer use the public version of Android and will not be able to get access to proprietary apps and services from Google. We have to wait for Huawei’s reply to this as the company said it has already developed a Custom OS which is based on Android.