Qualcomm the well know the mobile-processor brand is no focusing on capturing the ultra-budget segment with the two new chipsets specifically for Android Go devices with SD429 & SD439 SoC.

Earlier last year Qualcomm launched the SD425 & SD435 SoC for budget smartphones and now we have the successor to the chipset on the way with SD429 & SD439 SoC which are now targeting Android Go smartphones.

Qualcomm SD710

As per the tipster Roland Quandt, the new SD439 will have similar specs as the SD625 with ARM Cortex A53 cores built on 14nm process sounds like Qualcomm doesn’t want to discontinue the SD625 SoC and will be rebranding as SD439 SoC.

As of now there are no details available for the SD429 SoC and will have to wait for the official announcement to get the details for the upcoming SD439 & SD429 SoC.