hard drive repair

Anybody who has ever possessed a hard drive or flash drive has faced the failure of these drives. Though these drives offer a significant amount of flexibility in terms of data storage and transfer, we cannot expect them to work just fine forever. But, we can try to figure out the reason behind failure and perform hard drive or flash drive recovery in our Class 100 clean room lab in case of physical data loss.

Don’t Worry If You Lose Data

When your flash/hard drive fails, and you lose data, don’t panic. Because when we panic, we try various random ways and methods to recover data, which can do more harm than good. Instead, try to relax and first understand the common reasons for the hard drive and flash drive failure.


Note: Even if nothing seems to work, you can always use a data recovery solution or service to recover essential information. Read below for more details:

How to Avoid Data Loss in Hard Drives and Flash Drives Someone rightly said – Prevention is better than cure. Hence, try to avoid the failure of hard drives/flash drives by keeping them in a dry, dust-free place. Keep them away from water, excessive heat, and excessive pressure etc.

Ensure That There is No Other Underlying Reason

Before we start exploring common reasons for hard drive/flash drive failure, ensure that there is no other reason that is stopping you from accessing data. Try connecting your hard drive/flash drive to another USB port or in any other computer. This is to make sure that USB port is working properly.

Reasons for Hard Drive Failure

1.   Corrupt or Invalid Data

One of the most common ways in which data gets corrupted is during sudden computer shut down. For instance, you plugged in the hard drive, transferred some files, and during this function, your computer shut down suddenly. The data gets corrupted, and next time you won’t be able to use it.

2.   Mechanical Failure

With time, your hard drive’s internal parts may degrade. This can lead to bad sectors on magnetic platters, damaged PCB board, or disordered spindle motor functions. All of which results in hard drive failure.

Reasons for Flash Drive Failure

1.   Broken or Loose Solder Joint

If you have ever dropped the drive on the floor, in water, in oil, etc., then there is a chance of broken solder joint. In this situation, don’t tamper with the drive and contact a data recovery service provider immediately.

Similar scenarios for Hard Drive and Flash Drive Failure

1.   NAND Memory Issue

When data is written or transferred to flash/hard drive, it is stored in NAND chips. If due to any reason, your drive is unable to connect to NAND memory, data will be inaccessible. In this case, it is necessary to contact a data recovery service provider.

2.   Broken Connector

It is possible that while plugging in or removing the drive, you twisted the connector. It is a common issue that occurs in flash drives and hard drives. Be careful when removing the drive from the USB port.

3.   Overheating Issue

If you rarely take out the flash drive or hard drive from your computer, then it can heat up and stop working. Always remove your drive from the computer as soon as you are done working on it.

4.   Non-Authentic Drives

If you have bought a cheap drive with features similar to an authentic drive, there are high chances of hard drive/flash drive failure. Prefer buying an authentic drive even if it costs a little more.

Note: When you encounter the error, “USB Device Not Recognized,” it is not necessarily a case of hard/flash drive failure. It is possible that your USB port is not working properly.

Data Recovery Solution

When your flash drive or hard drive has failed, here’s how you can recover data from hard drive and USB drive. Download Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 


This solution offers the simplest way to recover data when your hard drive and flash drive has logical errors such are data deletion, data corruption, data loss due to malware attack, etc.

Data Recovery Services

In case of a solder joint or broken connector, it is unlikely that your computer will detect your USB drive and hard drive. In such a scenario, utilize Stellar Data Recovery services. They provide 100% data recovery assurance, and rest, you can be certain that a bunch of professionals is recovering your important data.


When your hard drive or flash drive fails, it is not advised to tamper with your drive, especially in case of physical damage. Additionally, it is not even possible to fix physical damage in a drive with DIY methods and professional software. For this, the feasible option is to avail expert assistance from providers like Stellar Data Recovery.

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