Qualcomm has released some press releases today which had mentioned about the future devices which might come with better connectivity options.Qualcomm launched their updated connectivity chip with WCN3998.

The new WCN3998 chip will be integrated with new standards of Wifi connectivity with Wifi 802.11ax and will also come with next generation of Bluetooth connectivity support with Bluetooth 5.1.The new Wifi 802.11ax provides top speed standards and is above the Wifi 802ac.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+
Samsung Galaxy S9

The new Wifi 802.11ax will consume lesser power than the previous Wifi standards as per Qualcomm and will provide faster download speeds. On the other hand, the new Bluetooth 5.1 will provide users audiophile-quality sound as it comes with new Qualcomm QCC5100 chip which was unveiled at CES 2018.The new Bluetooth standards will provide lag-free music streaming with better battery life on your Truly wireless earphones.

We can expect the new WCN3998 chip and Qualcomm QCC5100 to come integrated with the rumoured SD855 SoC which might be powering the next year Samsung flagship the Samsung Galaxy S10.