Microsoft Surface Phone

Earlier we had got few patents leaks showing the foldable device called the Microsoft Surface Phone, today we have got few more patents which show us the new hinge mechanism for the device.

Microsoft Surface Phone Live Hinge

As per the patent documents, the new hinge mechanism for its Surface Phone is being mentioned as Live Hinge.The new Live Hinge will make the device to open out the two screens into the tablet and when closed it will act as a smartphone.Now the device can also be folded all the way around back under single screen mode as per the images.

As per the above image, we can see the live hinge which has been shown under grey part can be used to connect two screens which are numbered as 160 and 170 so that one can able to fold the screen at any angle.The hinge is fixed between two screens such that when opened the hinge is unnoticed.

Microsoft Surface Phone Live Hinge

As per the patent Microsoft as filed as a Multi-part device which can be folded three different user modes.The first mode users can open the screens up to 360 degrees, second mode one can fold the device at 180 degrees and in the last mode, one can close the device with no screen exposed.

As of now, there are no details leaked about the specs and the availability.Hope Microsoft launches the device soon.