Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft has now filed a new patent which will reduce the size of the notch on upcoming smartphones.Microsoft had applied for the patents in Aug 2016 with patent named as Hybrid Imaging Sensor for the structured light object capture.

Microsoft patent

The new patent will combine both selfie camera and IR sensor into a single sensor which will save a lot of space and allow to reduce the size of the notch.With this patent, one can put the IR sensor along with light sensor on the selfie camera which in turn can capture the visible light and IR data at the same time without any depth calculation.

Microsoft patent

It also includes the depth sensor which will help one to blur the background and create the Bokeh effect on the selfie camera.Probably we can see such a camera on the rumoured Microsoft Surface Phone which is rumoured to be the first foldable smartphone from Microsoft.

As of now, the patent has not approved and still under process and if it gets approved we might see some Android and Apple upcoming devices using this patent can make the notch size smaller and provide better viewing experience.