Apple upcoming A12 SoC will be made by single vendor this time with TSMC and not by Samsung as per new rumours.Last few years both TSMC and Samsung were producing the SoC for Apple iPhones but from this year TSMC alone will be producing the latest Apple A12 SoC for 2018 iPhones.

As per industry insiders, the reason behind Samsung is out of the race because unable to implement the new 7nm process which TSMC has already made it possible.So Apple has given the whole A12 SoC chip for production exclusively to TSMC which will be powering the 2018 Apple iPhones.

TSMC will be making the SoC on EUV based 7nm+ process and will also starts its development on 5nm and the 3nm process.TSMC is planning to build a new plant for the new 5nm process SoC by mid of 2019.By 2020 the TSMC will start the production the of 3nm process based SoC.