HTC VR Headset

HTC has already launched many VR based devices with their sub-brand Vive in the past and now HTC might enter the VR supports for a smartphone with their very first VR headset.As per WIPO, HTC has now filed patents for VR headset with a magnetic phone case.

As per sources, HTC has filed the same patent earlier with USPTO and Trademark Office in July 2016 and had been rejected by both of the patents organisation due to unable to explain the unique feature of the device.After series of modification, HTC has now received the approval from USPTO.

HTC VR Headset HTC VR Headset






The HTC VR headset is similar to any other VR headsets but this VR can be folded and make it small in size when not in use.The new VR Headset is an accessory and lens system and has two parts one with a foldable Dual lens which can be used to attach the smartphone and other is magnetic phone case to mount the smartphone.As we remove the smartphone the lens can be folded which turns out as a small VR module which will depend on the device screen and users can slide the smartphone into the bottom of the device and can hold the weird device in single or both hand while viewing the VR content.

The patent didn’t reveal the material used to make the foldable VR headset but it might be none other than plastic.With this new accessory, HTC might bring some new innovation which they have lost in the recent times.As of now, we are not sure when will HTC launch new VR headset.