Microsoft Surface Phone

Earlier we had got some leaks and rumours about the foldable smartphone from Microsoft with Microsoft Surface Phone and there were strong rumours that it might not come anytime soon.Now we have some official comment by the Microsoft engineer who accidentally confirms that Microsoft will launch its Surface Phone.

Microsoft China

As per Microsoft Engineer based from China mentioned that¬†Microsoft Surface Phone is real and will be launching soon on Chinese Q&A website called Zhihu.Some user complained about the Cortana not working properly on Android Smartphones.For that, the Engineer replied that Android has some restriction and lack of permission on the OS due which the Cortana doesn’t work properly.

Later he even added that he is looking forward to perfect performance on Microsoft Surface Phone.So as of now, we can’t comment on the¬†Microsoft Surface Phone and there are no details about which OS will it be running on, as Windows Mobile OS is officially dead.