Samsung upcoming foldable smartphone the Samsung Galaxy X is all in news with series of leaks and rumors.Earlier we had spotted the device on Samsung official support page in Samsung website and today we have few rumors which claim that Samsung might use the plastic display for its first foldable smartphone.

As per reports by Business Korea, the Samsung Galaxy X might feature plastic display panel. We can even make a display using glass but it is difficult to achieve the curvature of 1.0R at present technology standards and making it under mass production is a difficult task as per industry insider.The upcoming Samsung Galaxy X will be more advanced in terms of technology and will have the ability to fold inwards and even open and close it like a book.

We have seen many patents being filed for their concepts related to foldable smartphones but none of the manufacturers have announced anything about their foldable devices.As per industry insider, Samsung might gain the popularity of foldable smartphone segment and make a massive global impact in coming years.

As of now, Samsung is the only OEM has announced its first foldable smartphone and might even launch the worlds first foldable smartphone which offers truly bendable smartphone as other OEM like Huawei has also confirmed of launching their foldable smartphone by next year. LG is also working with Apple to launch first foldable iPhone in 2020.

As per some Industry experts, the Samsung Galaxy X will be launched as early as in CES or in mid-January or probably by end of Feb at MWC.