This article will tell you about the upcoming future gadgets which will make your life a lot easier.

The most common gadget which has become a part of our life is a smartphone and seriously we know very little about it. So if you want to know about the best mobile phone info related to their usage expenditure etc.

Then you can check the MoboSpace New Phone Survey which has all the information which will prove beneficial for you. Here is a list of the latest technologies which will surely make your life easier.

1) The Amazon Echo
The Amazon Echo has transformed from a sounding Bluetooth speaker to a competent-sounding Bluetooth speaker that can control your home.

Just call on to any person, Amazons cloud-based virtual assistant, and the Echo can quickly start up a Spotify stream, call an Uber control your smart lights, and order a pizza and many other things. It’s always listening, but it serves you, and it does so swiftly, accurately and it costs only $180.
2) The umbrella that forecasts the weather
A piece of furniture that speaks to us — that’s the definition of Rose’s vision for the future with dazzle objects.

The umbrella sends signals and also communicates with its owner through a series of patterned blue lights that indicate if the forecast calls for rain. Armed with your ZIP code, a wireless receiver at the handle of the umbrella connects to AccuWeather and then glows and pulses a gentle blue light if the weather looks frightful.

This battery-powered umbrella is now available on the market — but it’s a lot more than the cheap umbrella model on every street corner that cost’s $3. This one will run you $125 but I assure you its worth it.
3) A bike that pedals for you.
The device consists of a motor and battery pack that snaps onto the back of the bike. As you pedal, the wheel captures excess energy when going downhill or braking and then helps propel you up harder terrains.

The wheel can also be connected to the Internet, using it to record speed and distance traveled, find friends throughout the city, inspect air quality and even notify you if the bike starts to move when you’re not in the seat. In the mood to use up more calories? Using your smartphone, you can also vary the level of powered assist.

This reinvented wheel costs about $799and will be available for pre-order and will be out by the end of this year.
4) The camera that records your entire life

This pedometer-size camera called the Narrative Clip can be easily attached to a jacket and records high-resolution geo-tagged images in every 30 seconds.

You can now track every moment of your day. Constant self-monitoring comes at a cost.  The user has to pay the subscription service at $279 per year, this will help you make some worthwhile memories.

5) The home that transforms at your command

Two-hundred square feet seems impossibly small, even by New York standards — but a new MIT-designed micro-apartment called City Home that can transform a 15-by-15 space into an exercise area, lounge, study, kitchen, and sleeping area, hopes to change all that.

Wall-mounted devices that resemble a clock control the apartment. Just set a time of day and the room adjusts into the space you want. For example: “Once out of bed, his room moves into exercise mode: The bed lifts away into the ceiling, the floor space clears, and a full-wall, live video projection of a yoga studio starts, this house will surely change our perspective about houses.

Posted by Nicole Gaston