Samsung upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 is all in news with series of leaks and rumors.Now we have spotted the live images of the Samsung Galaxy S9 which looks to have the higher body to screen ratio as per earlier rumors and it looks similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 in terms of design.

As per the leaked images on Twitter, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is now having thinner chin bezels than Samsung Galaxy S8 which is the only change which you notice apart from that it almost has the same design as the S8.Unfortunately, there are no images leaked which show the rear of the device.

We have got two images of the Samsung Galaxy S9 from two different sources the first image has thinner bottom bezels and matches the images leaked from the second source which we can confirm that Samsung might launch Samsung Galaxy S9 which looks like on the leaked images.The first two images are Black in color whereas the last two images are Red in color so Samsung might bring many color option with Samsung Galaxy S9.

From the second image, the top bezels above the display are thicker than bottom bezels due to the placement of IRIS scanner, selfie camera, and earpiece. Samsung Galaxy S9 might be announced in CES 2018 as per earlier rumors and will go on sale no earlier than March 2018.

Apart from that we also got some news that Samsung has already begin the mass production of Chips for its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9.Samsung confirmed the news that they have started mass production of SoC based on second gen 10nm FinFET process.Samsung has also announced the new S3 manufacturing line located in Hwaseong, South Korea.

As per Samsung, the upcoming SoC is built on 10nm LPP (Low Power Plus) process which will provide 10% boost in terms of performance and 15% more power efficient than the predecessor which was built on 10nm LPE (Low Power Early).The LPP process was earlier used on Exynos 7 series SoC based on 14nm process and now Samsung is developing the same for the new 10nm process.

Samsung will also manufacture the 8nm LPP SoC in the same new S3 line and also the 7nm EUV SoC too will be manufactured on the same line.The upcoming Samsung Exynos 9810 is also rumored to be built on same 10nm LPP process which will be powering the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9.