HTC was the first manufacturer who launched the Dual camera setup smartphone with HTC M8 in early 2014.But after the debut of the HTC M8 the camera couldn’t compete with other competitors due to this HTC scrapped the Dual camera setup and started with high megapixel count single camera setup on their flagship devices.

Now, we have some good news for HTC fans, yesterday HTC President Chialin Chang said that they are working on Dual camera smartphone which will be launching in 2018.HTC first device HTC M8 had 4 Ultrapixel sensors with secondary camera sensor which act as dept sensor which helps in getting the Bokeh effect.The camera samples taken from M8 were not that great due to which HTC scrapped the Dual camera setup and many other competitors started working on Dual camera setup after the launch of iPhone 7 Plus which was the first device which came with Dual camera setup which had one Wide angle camera sensor and another telephoto lens which even we saw on recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 8.LG G6 also came with the Dual camera set up this year which uses only Wide angle lens.Huawei came with Dual camera smartphone where one act as Monochrome sensor and other is an RGB sensor.

So now, we have to wait for HTC Dual camera smartphone and we can expect it to come either of the three setups shared above or it can even come with their own new one.As of now, HTC main target is to promote the HTC U11 Plus and HTC U11 Life which launched yesterday in Taipei.