HTC Vive developer conference which was held in Beijing yesterday had unveiled a lot of VR based technologies. HTC has launched its first standalone VR headset with Vive Focus VR with its new platform called Vive Wave VR open platform.The new platform will make app developers and content makers focus their projects exclusive to HTC VR platform with the marketplace of several hardware storefronts in China.Nearly 12 Hardware manufacturers had already signed with HTC to make products compatible with HTC Vive Wave platform

With that, HTC also unveiled the first standalone VR headset with HTC Vive Focus VR headset.It is the first VR headset which doesn’t require PC or mobile to function, which means that its VR on the go without the need to place the smartphone.The HTC Vive Focus VR headset is based on Google DayDream platform. It is currently available only in China with HTC own platform HTC Vive Wave.

The HTC Vive Focus VR headset comes with 6 degrees of freedom tracking and as it doesn’t rely on cables but it comes with the single wireless motion controller.The main highlights of the device are it features an AMOLED screen and is powered by SD835 chip.

HTC Vive has also partnered with Unity for making the one-click publishing the VR content on the Viveport for both PC and standalone VR devices.As of now, there are no details about pricing and availability and currently, it is only available in China.