Google recently unveiled their flagship smartphone for 2017 with Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL and now we have getting rumors about the Pixel series smartphone which will be releasing in 2018.

As per Droid-Life, the upcoming Pixel 2018 smartphone has codenamed as Albacore, Blueline, and Crosshatch.It is too early to comment on the above codenames as they might get changed in the future and it is not going to launch anytime earlier than Oct 2018.The most interesting fact about the codenames are the starting letters of all three codes are in alphabetical order with ABC.It might help Google to keep the identities of the upcoming Pixel smartphone under wrap.

The third codenamed Crosshatch is taken from Pixel-AOSP ROM and is expected to be the correct codename for the upcoming Pixel 2018 smartphone.The same AOSP ROM also mentions a new codename for a device called as Wahoo. The name Wahoo is currently not associated with any device and there are no details available for the same.

From the above codenames, we can expect Google to launch three new devices next year and it is too early to comment on that as earlier even we had got three codenames for Pixel 2 series but Google only launched the two Pixel devices.Out of three codenames, one of them will be the premium device which will be priced higher than the remaining two devices.