We had reports of Samsung and ZTE developing the foldable smartphone and now how can Apple left behind with the latest trend. As per reports, Apple and LG are busy working for the upcoming foldable iPhone which is scheduled to be launched in 2020.

After launching its most Advance iPhone ever with iPhone X, now Apple is even planning bigger than Apple X with Apple first foldable iPhone which is rumored to be going on sale in 2020.As per latest reports from South Korea, Apple and LG are working on next foldable iPhone.LG is not only working with Apple for foldable display but also will help Apple in providing some flexible circuit board that is developed by LG Innotek separate team.

As per source, LG Display will make a foldable OLED panel for upcoming 2020 iPhone. LG has already made such devices earlier and is improving on durability and yield rate.Apple iPhone X is the first iPhone to come with an OLED panel and the panel is made by Samsung Display who is the OLED market leader with Apple moving from Samsung to LG for its foldable iPhone due to concerned leaks of the foldable smartphone to Samsung Electronics.

Earlier reports claimed that Samsung will launch its first foldable smartphone next year and if it turns out true and launches the device next year then Samsung will get two-years ahead than Apple as the foldable iPhone will not come earlier than 2020.

Samsung Display will be the primary OLED supplier for the upcoming 2018 iPhones and from 2019 LG Display will open a new factory in Paju located in South Korea specifically for the displays made for iPhones.Apple has already invested in this plant for making iPhone display and wants to be independent of Samsung Display.LG and Apple are yet to sign the Agreement on that investment.