• QuEST to strengthen the digital solutions with the establishment of two Digital FactoryInnovation Labs – in Bengaluru and Belgaum.
  • Siemens has chosen QuEST as their partner to provide joint solutions in Manufacturing Operations Management segment to their select customer.
QuEST   Global, a pioneer in engineering solutions and Seimens   (ETR:   SIE),   have reached an agreement to build and   deliver   a   suite   of digital manufacturing solutions  for manufacturing customers across diverse verticals. By adding theSiemens Digital Twin offerings to QuEST’s portfolio of Connected Enterprise solutions, QuEST can now showcase a complete range of connected manufacturing solutions. This will be furtherbolstered  by  the  establishment  of  two  ‘Digital  Factory  Innovation  Labs’,  in  Bengaluru  andBelgaum,  India.  By engaging   QuEST,  Siemens  has engaged  a leading  provider  of premiumengineering   services   to   help   their   customers   leverage   Siemens’  industry   leading   softwaresolutions.
Speaking at the event,  Dr. Ajay A. Prabhu,  Chief  Operating Officer, QuEST Global  said,“This partnership underlines QuEST’s continued commitment to our customers as they foray intheir   connected   enterprise   journey.  We   will   now   be   able   to   provide   comprehensive   digitalmanufacturing solutions to marquee global manufacturers, enabling their smooth transition intoIndustry 4.0. Our customers will now be able to leverage the benefits of digital transformation, by virtually replicating their designs and manufacturing processes in real time. In addition todeveloping, testing and implementing end-to-end digital solutions, they can also validate theirLEAN   manufacturing   ideas   in   our  labs.   We   look  forward   to  adding   value  and   co-creatinginnovative solutions with our customers.
”Mr. Suman Bose, Managing Director & CEO, Siemens PLM Software India added, “Siemensis happy to partner with QuEST Global to offer the complete suite of digital manufacturingsolutions built on the Siemens Digital Twin portfolio. The Digital Factory Innovation Labs willsupport proof-of-concepts and illustrate how enterprise-wide digitalization is transforming theglobal manufacturing industry. The goal is to give customers a unique environment to build andtest digital solutions using the world’s most advanced PLM, Digital Manufacturing, MOM andQuality   Management   Solutions   software   technology.   As   the   leader   in   providing   premiumengineering services, QuEST stands above all others in the industry. We look forward to a longand prosperous relationship, where we seek to enable our mutual clients’ drive towards theirdigital future