Apple finally unveiled its most advanced iPhone ever with Apple iPhone X.Ever since the iPhone X launched the device has become so popular that everyone is looking forward to buying it over the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.As we all know Apple has ditched the Touch ID for the all-new iPhone X instead added the all-new Face ID as a replacement which many users and technology experts believe that it is not as secure as Touch ID but Apple claims that it is more secure than Touch ID.

So now we have something new about the future iPhones, Apple will include the new FaceID feature on all iPhones launching next year as per a report by KGI securities.The KGI Securities head Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple will not include Touch ID on any future iPhone and will rely on new Face ID.The FaceID works similar to the Microsoft Kinect with a True Depth camera and Face ID system.The Camera can also create some new animoji which is the future of messaging as per Apple.

So Apple is even working on the under display fingerprint tech which was rumored to be the feature on iPhone X but they ditched it at last as Apple was not successful to implement that tech on iPhone X.There are reports that if FaceID didn’t work then Apple might bring the under display fingerprint tech as a replacement.