Samsung is all set to launch a new device with the Samsung Vega Speaker which is a smart speaker with Bixby integration.It is similar to Amazon Echo, Google Home smart speaker and recently launched Apple Home Pod.So now it is time for Samsung own Smart speaker which is in works from some time.

The smart speaker will have a speaker and AI support which basically replies back to the user and also do certain task similar to Google Assistant or Siri.As Amazon named their AI as Alexa, Google is using Google Assistant and Apple is using Siri as AI in their smart speaker.And there were rumours that Samsung and Microsoft working on an Invoke speaker system featuring Harman Kardon and Cortana as AI.As per Wall Street Journal, Now Samsung is working on their very own smart speaker called Samsung Vega Smart Speaker with Bixby as the AI.

Bixby was first released with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ and now with Note FE which recently launched in South Korea. As of now, the Bixby doesn’t support English language and is under beta phase.Currently, Bixby AI supports only Korean language.So with that, we can expect the Samsung Vega Smart speaker will not be launched anytime soon until the Bixby gets the English language compatible.

Once the Bixby AI gets English language support, it will be launched in the US. We can expect the Samsung Vega Smart Speaker to launch once Bixby is launched.It might even support Smart TVs, Smart Home products, IoT etc.Samsung Vega Smart Speaker is expected to come with Harman Kardon speaker as Samsung had recently acquired the company.As per the report, there are 36 million Smart Speaker users in the US so with huge competition from Amazon, Google and Apple we have to see how Samsung Vega Smart speaker will work in countries like the US.

As of now, there are no details regarding the specs and design we have to wait for few more weeks to get some more details.