Lenovo-owned Motorola is all in news with series of devices which are waiting for launch and all the details about all the devices are already leaked.Yesterday, Google teased the mid-range smartphone with Google Project Fi support will be launched by its partners and now we have the smartphone itself which is none other than the upcoming Moto X4 as per rumours.

Moto X4 is still not announced and is expected to launch in Q4 of this year.The Moto X4 is the successor to older gen of Moto X series smartphones which is sitting below the Z series.As per the earlier leaks, Moto X4 will have a 5.2-inch 1080p display with 3D Glass and a new feature called SmartCam.It will also come with Dual Camera setup and will look similar to Moto G5 Plus.It will be built completely out of metal.

As per rumours, Moto X4 will be the first non-pixel smartphone to come with Project Fi support.