Google is all set to launch the next iteration of Android with Android O which is still unnamed. It is rumoured to be called as Oreo for some time then we had some rumours it could be called as Oat Meals Cookie.Now Google is hinting on a new name with Orangina.

The new name Orangina is a sweet carbonated Orange drink originated in France.Recently Lockheimer posted on twitter with a hashtag as no comments and a French flag on top of the pic.The picture looks like an outdoor menu for the restaurant, which is commonly seen in some cities.The menu also shows Onions and Olive but we can expect it to be Orangina as they have written in Bold and is an only sweet thing on the list.

— Hiroshi Lockheimer (@lockheimer) July 25, 2017

If the Google names the Android O as Orangina then it will be the first time Google will be keeping a name on a soft drink.As per earlier iteration of Android are named based on desserts and candies we have to wait for few more weeks for the official announcement.

Earlier Lockheimer also teased that next version of Android will be called as Android Oreo. Even Oreo cookies were laid out for press at this year Google I/O event so we might expect it to be called as Android Oreo cookie.Last year there was a contest held for the naming of next version of Android but this year there is nothing like that.So we have to wait for Google officially announce the name.