Samsung is busy with the Note 8 which is scheduled to launch August-Sept 2017 and series of leaks for the same. Now w have some news for late 2018 flagship the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

As per rumours Note 9 will have a different chip when compared to Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.Samsung will always launch the Note series with the same chip launched with S series smartphone, but this time they will launch with the different chip.As per rumours the S9 and S0+ will have Exynos 9810 built on the 10nm process while the Note 9 will be having a chip built on either 8nm or 7nm process.

As per earlier leaks we got to know that Samsung is going to launch the Exynos 9810 with S9 duo next year which will also include CDMA capabilities.As per some leaks, Qualcomm has already invested a huge amount in developing a 7nm chip with TSMC so it might launch the chip anytime in next year.With Qualcomm moving out of Samsung and developing the latest tech-based chip to win the race, we have to see what ill Samsung answer to this whether Samsung will launch 8nm chip with Note 9 or 7nm chip.

As Note 8 will be powered by same Exynos chip and in some markets like the US with SD 836 we have wait and see that Samsung will launch the Note 9 with the latest chip or not. If it launches with different chip than the S series then there will be the major difference in performance between the S9 and Note 9.