Xiaomi crowdfunding Mijia launches one more product under their line up with an Underwear. As it is Summer and almost everyone sweats more, when we sweat the clothes to get wet and gets stick to the body and if doesn’t dry off quickly especially Underwear we will get a bad odour. To prevent such bad odour Xiaomi has launched an underwear that prevents from getting a bad smell.

The Xiaomi crowdfunding Mijia launches the Cottonsmith underwear to keep us clean and fresh during this hot summers.It is available for both Men and Women and uses a special Wicking Windows Technology to pull the moisture away from the body and reduces the drying time.It is designed to remove up to 40% moisture from our body and keep us fresh all the day.

The CottonSmith Underwear for men cost Rs.930 for a pack of three underwear & for Women it is priced around Rs.650 approx.The sizes start from Small to XXL.It is expected to start shipping from June 19 will come with a metallic cylindrical case.