Are you looking for a perfect measuring device which gives you accurate dimensions or are you an Engineer need to get the exact dimension for the building home or any kind of measurement you need then here is the perfect tool you should look out for with  Bosch GLM 40 Laser Measure.

The  Bosch GLM 40 Laser Measure  is Super-Efficient Measurement Device  putting together your wardrobes, tables and chests are simpler than ever before! Measure like a pro using the compact pocket-sized tool with engineer’s precision from Bosch. It is the ultimate measuring tool for accurate results in large areas within the range of 0.5-40 m. Its sleek and smart construct makes it a feasible choice whilst working on your home installation tasks, with the click of a button. It is durable and comes with a satisfactory battery life coupled with a simple and easy interface.

It is compact in size and light in weight and also has smart design.To take the stress out of making measurements of a DIY assembly, this tool is crafted with a soft grip and convenient size. It makes calculating dimensions a one person job. Also its three-line display feature ensures stress-free readability and quality review of results.It is also dust resistant and splash proof and also have ISO certification with IP54 rating.It is small in size and soft grip so you can use it for long hours.You can even store measurement in the device storage. The Bosch GLM 40 lets you access the last ten measurements saved in the device. With a click on the “Func” button, you  are guided to the memory last saved on the device.With laser technology precision, the product offers a satisfactory battery life, accounting for approximately 5,000 individual measurements.

The GLM 40 works with utmost ease, displaying accurate results while working on interior projects. While measuring length of an area, simply place the device and click on the red button located in the centre of the device. Similarly, for continuous measurement, move the device until required for achieving the desired results, and the same goes for area and volume measurements.Once you have the result, add and subtract the next measurement or scroll by with a click on +/- buttons. Also, added to the device is the addition and subtraction function.

With the help of Bosch GLM 40 Laser Measure  you can easily measure the length of the your wall and getting your cupboard fixed on the wall.With help of this device you can even set up AC by your own not just that it can also determine the height of the each wall from floor to the ceiling with these measurement you can easily apply the wallpaper on the wall.So a must buy for every household purposes or if you keep changing your homes.

The Bosch GLM 40 Laser Measure priced at Rs.7,500/- and is available for purchase on all Bosch Power tools outlets.

There is one more device from Bosch called the Bosch Dremel 3000-N10. Unleash the hobbyist within you with the Dremel 3000 N/10, a compact tool box for anything related to DIY. With this portable tool box, you are empowered to beautify and create whenever inspiration strikes. It bridges the gap between enthusiasts and tools, creating one of the most user-friendly experiences with its lightweight body, convenient features and multiple applications. Perfect for both home and small industries, this multitool is complete value for money, if you’re looking for a tool addition that is efficient and versatile.Light but packed with just the required accessories, the Dremel 3000 N/10 is the perfect all-rounder, designed with a special soft grip body, that supports users while drilling or screwdriving. Also, the body is designed to reduce vibration as far as possible to aid in continuous and easy working.

Never lift a wrench again to change accessories because the Dremel 3000 N/10 comes with an innovative E2 twist nose cap which facilitates easy bit change. The nose cap has an integrated ability to tighten and loosen the collet while changing accessories during projects.With a powerful 130 watts motor, Dremel 3000 N/10 gives you power when you need it the most. With a variable speed option, you can select the optimum speed from 10,000 – 33,000 rpm for more stability and control while working.
Dremel corded 3000 N/10 with 75 accessories kit contains: 420 (x20) 15/16 inch cut-off wheel, 540 1-1/4 inch cut-off wheel, 426 1-1/4 inch fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheels, 421 polishing compound, 429 (x4) felt wheel, 414 (x6) felt polishing 1/2 inch wheels, 428 3/4 inch carbon steel brush, 8193 5/8 inch aluminium oxide grinding stone, 85422 25/32 silicon carbide grinding stone, 952 3/8 inch aluminium oxide grinding stone, 407 ½” sanding drum, 408 (x4) 1/2 inch 60-grit sanding bands, 432 (x4) 1/2 inch 120-grit sanding bands, 411 (x12) sanding discs, 180 grit, 413 (x12) sanding discs, 240 grit, 191 1/8 inch high speed cutter, 150 1/8 inch drill bit, 401(x2) mandrel, 402 rotary tool mandrel, wrench.
This multitool supports a variety of functions on wooden surfaces such as sanding, engraving and routing using the EZ twist nose to change bits. You can use this multi tool to create a number of projects like decorated wooden frames, boxes, name plaques and so on.Sharpen, cut and shape metal surfaces using the versatile Dremel 3000 N/10 and the provided metal bits for a variety of project additions. Create nameplates, cut through metal wires and sharpen edges as you desire with this application of the multitool.With the Dremel 3000 N/10, you can handle a plethora of creative projects from carving, engraving, routing, grinding, sharpening, cleaning, polishing, cutting and sanding on surfaces including wood,glass, metal and drywall.You can even create DIY projects like decorated jars, mugs,vases etc.Instead of buying a gift for your loved ones, use Dremel 3000 N/10 and customize gifts according to the occasion. From engraving and decorating candles with sparkles and sequins, to etching on egg shells, the possibilities are endless.
So a must buy for such an multipurpose DIY tool if you are an creative or have hobby of making new things look better.The Bosch Dremel 3000-N10 is priced at Rs.5,499/- on Amazon. 
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