With a 6.78-inch curved-edge OLED panel and a Dimensity 9300 chipset, the Vivo X100 and X100 Pro debuted in China in October 2023. Digital Chat Station recently hinted that despite the X200 Pro’s 6.7-inch display, the X200 might end up as a compact phone with a flat-screen. The tipster also revealed some details about its display in a new Weibo post.

According to the tipster, the phone will have a compact and flat display. He is likely referring to the X200, even though he did not specify its name. Previously, a leak suggested the device would feature a 6.4-inch or 6.5-inch flat display.

The Vivo X200’s display will have narrow bezels on all four sides. There will be a 1.5K resolution (1216 pixels), a 120Hz refresh rate, and an aspect ratio of around 19.5. On the rear, there will be a large circular camera module housing three cameras. This camera will feature a 50-megapixel primary sensor and a 3-x optical zoom periscope.

According to other reports, the Vivo X200 will feature Vivo’s self-developed imaging chip for enhanced photography and an optical in-display fingerprint reader. Additionally, it will be powered by Dimensity 9400, which is also used in the X200 Pro. In the Pro model, there is a rumour that an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor will be placed in the 6.7-inch display.

Readers should approach this report with caution since the leaker has not explicitly mentioned the device’s name.