As well as the regular Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6, Samsung was also working on a new foldable smartphone known as the Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra. Its launch, however, is now in question again according to rumours circulating in Samsung’s environment.

A new rumour claims that the Fold6 Ultra project has been put on hold indefinitely. Additionally, the Ultra would come with a larger screen than the Fold6 in addition to the thinner build.

Samsung was actually expected to introduce an ultra-version of the latter device alongside the Galaxy Z Flip6 and Galaxy Z Fold6. According to recent reports, the launch of the device with the internal model number SM-F958 has been postponed in parallel with the two foldables mentioned above. Anyhow, only a South Korean launch was planned.

The launch of Samsung’s Z Fold6, which has a slightly larger display and thinner design, has now been temporarily postponed, according to new rumours. The launch is currently unclear internally. Samsung’s decision-makers, however, seem to be aiming for a launch despite the competitive pressure.

Currently, the Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra has not been launched in the market. It was actually cancelled, but there are now internal discussions about whether to pull it out of the drawer again. Samsung has good reasons for doing this. As a result of its early launch until a few months ago, the leading manufacturer of smartphones with foldable displays has now lost its market share. Therefore, Huawei is now the global market leader in foldables.