OnePlus recently launched the Nord CE 4 Lite and is preparing to unveil the Nord 4. The company is also working on another mid-range smartphone with a large battery. In the past, OnePlus has reached 6,000mAh, and now it could reach 7,000mAh.

Digital Chat Station, a well-known tipster, shared the news on Weibo. According to the leak, the Ouga Group is developing a 7,000mAh battery pack. OnePlus and Oppo’s combined R&D lab is called the Ouga Group. Regarding battery capacity, the Ace 3 Pro model had the largest battery at 6,100mAh.

Despite this, the upcoming phone isn’t part of the brand’s flagship or flagship killer lineup. The handset will instead debut as a mid-range model. According to Digital Chat Station, the phone is still in its early stages of development. The launch is still a while off. Since it’s a mid-range model, it should belong to Nord’s popular series. At this point, this is still just speculation.

The tipster said that Ouga isn’t just working on the 7,000mAh phone, but also on a 6,500mAh cell for another smartphone. New battery technology based on silicon materials is expected to be used in this model. The Glacier Battery’s silicon-carbon anode provides 23.1 percent more energy density than graphite batteries. For the same capacity, the battery can be smaller in size. T