As part of the upcoming One UI 7 update, App Lock will be added to One UI. This news comes from tipster Tarun Vats on X (formerly Twitter). This is not an entirely new feature of One UI; in some regions, it was already present in previous versions. Samsung may have been motivated to pursue this development for One UI 7 by Apple’s development of similar functionality.

One UI 6 currently lacks the App Lock feature. Here’s a screenshot of One UI’s under-development version showing the feature. In the Settings app, this can be found under Advanced Features. Under the Advanced Features section of One UI 6.1, you won’t see the “App Lock” feature below Dual Messenger.

In the Secure Folder, you can still hide apps, documents, and files. All you need to do is set up the feature for the first time and install a new instance of the app. If you do not want to go through the whole setup process and just want a simple app lock, the upcoming feature may be right for you.

Additionally, Samsung Pass, Auto Blocker, Secure Folder, and Private Share are available in One UI. However, One UI 7 may or may not offer the App Lock feature since the feature is still being developed.