To keep it short, we will only refer to the Redmi Note 14 Pro as Pro. The Redmi Note 14 Pro is expected to give up the 200 MP main camera of the predecessor. It will instead use a 50 MP sensor, which should be larger than the Note 14 Pro.

Digital Chat Station, a prolific Chinese tipster, shared some details about the upcoming device on Weibo today. Similarly to the Note 13 Pro, the Redmi Note 14 Pro will also have a “1.5K” screen.

Machine translation indicates that the next handset in the line will have a “double micro-curved” display, and in case you’re expecting the Redmi Note to boast a periscope zoom camera, you’ll need to wait.

The camera island on the back will change from the previous generation, with Redmi opting for a centred one in the shape of an ellipse, which is similar to what is seen today in Chinese flagship imaging phones. For the Redmi Note 14 Pro to convince anyone of its camera prowess, the Ultrawide too should be upgraded.

Here are all the details that were leaked today. Redmi Note 14 is expected to launch in China around September, with a global launch tentatively scheduled for November. It is important to keep in mind that these months are determined by the model numbers, which are not always accurate. As soon as we learn more about the upcoming Redmi Note 14 Pro, we’ll let you know.